Bathroom 3-D Design

Interior design is something that has always excited Steve. For over 20 years, he has created timeless interiors that are not just beautiful, modern and sleek but also very livable, classic, rustic, or industrial.

Whatever style you like – Steve knows how make the most of it. He believes that when you sit down in a room, you should feel at one with your surroundings.

Steve recently partnered with a few NY interior design gems and cabinet designers, These new additions to his design group bring design innovation and color schemes that are the envy of the most choosy New Yorkers. Their ideas are influenced by modern living, love of nature, history and an intense need to create. Giving others an organized, beautiful and functional space is a complete joy for them.

Space Planning

As design professionals, Nest Inc. Fine interior contracting blocks out interior spatial areas, defines walking patterns and develops plans and layouts for furniture and/or equipment placement. We consider numerous design parameters; most importantly, your goals and priorities, organizational structure and relationships, space allocation, building codes, work flow, design considerations, and flexibility for accommodating future space needs.

“I’m all about less is more,” says Steve. “If you’ve too many objects in a room, you don’t appreciate any one thing in particular.” Taking the time to get to know a client and her or his personality, Steve can inject his passion into the interior.

Nest Inc. Fine Interior Contracting